Grey Strawberry Tea

I am a terrible sick person. I whine and moan, I go out into public places, and I will cough in otherwise silent libraries for hours rather than admit defeat and go home to my ever loving bed. I would try and lie about this, because I have my pride, but Kat has dealt with (read: cooked mac and cheese for) my sick corpse too many times for me to get away with a noble façade here. It was my mother’s good luck that a couple days after arriving in Portland I came down with a nasty cold.


It turns out that meth has become such a problem in Oregon that you can’t get Sudafed without a prescription. I nearly cried when the pharmacist told me this, to be perfectly honest. Its my good luck that I was home, where, if you blow your nose pathetically enough, someone will likely take pity on you and cook up some soup. There will often be a grilled cheese on the side, too. I was feeling better by Saturday, but in the interest of my health, decided this drink looked like a good idea, as it includes tea. I still don’t buy all that jazz about alcohol depressing your immune system – just another example of the powerful fruit juice lobby shaping our lives with their baseless propaganda.


It helps if you’re also lucky enough to have strawberries growing in the garden out back, like my parents do, but the store-bought will probably do. This version serves two, but only needs a second teabag if you triple it.


You’ll need-

eight or so strawberries

3/4 cup of vodka

one early grey teabag

3 or 4 lemons

1/4 cup sugar

1. Cut the strawberries up into bite-size chunks

2. In your pitcher combine the strawberries and vodka. Add the teabag, cover, and let steep overnight

3. After at least 12 hours, remove the teabag

4. In a separate container, combine the juice from your lemons (you only need 3 if you use a reamer, otherwise 4) and the sugar. Stir on and off until the sugar dissolves

5. Pour the lemon-sugar mixture into the pitcher. Stir, and serve on the rocks.


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