CSA Challenge, Round 2

This week:


Alex worked our CSA volunteer shift this week (we’re required to work two shifts each year – I worked last week, so now we’re done!) and, because he chose the closing shift on a rainy day when tons of people decided to stay home instead of collect their shares, we got about three times the amount of food we were supposed to have gotten. ┬áHe’s wondering how we’re going to eat it all but I’m pretty sure I’m up to the challenge. For one thing, we’re definitely going to be making more pickled lettuce (see below). It was delicious and is almost gone. And though I often either eat radishes raw on toast with butter and a sliced hardboiled egg or saute them as a side dish, this week I’ll be adding to my pickle repertoire by making radish pickles, too. The greens won’t be a problem because if all else fails, one bunch of greens, wilted, is a meal component. As far as the fruit, I could eat a pint of strawberries in one sitting (though I won’t this time – I have a breakfast cake calling to me). My husband is Spanish, which means we start every dish with olive oil, garlic, and onions (spring onions: check). And we eat A LOT of eggs, so no problems there.

One thing I am looking for more ways to use: radish greens. My old standby, pesto, is good – but I can forsee it getting old if I make it every week. I may just make a batch or two to freeze for winter, but if anyone has any other radish greens recipes to share I’d love to try something else!

3 bunches radishes (with greens)
2 heads bok choy
2 bunches Red Russian kale
2 bunches spring onions
bunch red chard
head green lettuce
3 dozen eggs
3 pints strawberries

Leftover veggies from last week: nothing! We ate it all.

Last week’s menu*:
Pasta with radish greens pesto
Bok choy and radish sitr-fry with tofu (loosely adapted from this Mark Bittman recipe)
Farro salad with arugula pesto, mozzarella, and tomatoes
Arugula salad with potatoes and green beans
Kale pizza with sundried tomatoes and leftover arugula pesto
Tofu tacos with pickled lettuce, avocado cream, and cotija
Farro with leftover arugula pesto, wilted kale w scallions and vinegar, fried eggs over top
Vegan mac and cheese

*Anything without a link is a recipe I created on my own. If you want me to write one of these up and blog about it, let me know – I’m happy to take requests!

Bought to supplement (list doesn’t include pantry staples):
a bunch of dill
three avocadoes (all of which were bad when cut open, so we didn’t eat them)
1pt grape tomatoes
an onion
1/2lb green beans
1lb tiny potatoes
16oz mozzarella
3pts blueberries
a pineapple
cottage cheese
1 dozen eggs
3 blocks extra firm organic tofu

Once the CSA share really gets going, I’ll be able to buy fewer supplement items and rely more on the share’s contents and my pantry staples – but I feel like I did alright this week with what I had.


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