About Us


We’re Kat and Lauren. We like to cook. And eat.

“I think that’s a fair representation.” -Kat

We’re graduate students in NYC, unfortunately. Fortunately, to be honest. Both the graduate, and the NYC part. Our kitchens are small. We often make messes that don’t get cleaned up for more than 12 hours.

“Always, in my case.” -Kat

Our favorite mess comes at the end of each semester, when we’ve come just a little closer to getting our degrees. We cook lobsters (referencing Annie Hall all the while) to mark the exams that we’ve passed, the papers that we’ve written, the finals we’ve graded, the classes we’ve completed. Lobsters are our bookmarks.

“Thats a little cheesy.” -Lauren “Yeah,” -Kat

We’ve been close for years, but academia is about to tear us asunder.

“If I’m allowed to be dramatic about it. And I think I am.” -Kat

So we’re going to cook together, and share it with you. Whoever you are. And in the meantime we’ll hope to keep the lobsters an “in-person” thing.


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